Activate / deactivate individual cPanel feature

For example, if you want to enable or disable JetBackup 5, in the feature named default To enable, run: sed -i ‘s/jb5=0/jb5=1/’ /var/cpanel/features/default To disable, run: sed -i ‘s/jb5=1/jb5=0/’ /var/cpanel/features/default If you want to enable for all feature sets, the target should be /var/cpanel/features/*

cPanel release tiers and cPanel version control

cPanel release tiers explained LTS A well-tested and proven version that cPanel, L.L.C. supports for one full year.STABLE A version that is feature-complete, fully tested, and is in widespread use.RELEASE A version that is feature-complete and well tested.CURRENT A “release candidate” version that is tested but may not be feature-complete.EDGE A development version for testing … Read more

OpenSSL cheatsheet

Display SAN of an SSL connections, example for openssl s_client -host -port 443 | openssl x509 -noout -ext subjectAltName

JetBackup CLI Cheatsheet

List Orphan Accounts jetapi backup -F listAccountsOrphans | grep username: | awk {print’$2′} List available Full Backups (127): jetapi backup -F listBackups -D “type=127” Add to Restore Queue the backup with _id=608238380ce407186963cc9a jetapi backup -F addQueueRestore -D _id=608238380ce407186963cc9a

Manual Certbot DNS challenge

Useful for servers behind residential internet, where port 80 is blocked, after the deprecation of TLS-SNI-01 challenge. certbot -d –manual –preferred-challenges dns certonly After you run this command, you need to add the domain control validation (DCV) DNS entry.

Using LFTP – ignore SSL certificates

Issue – connecting to a FTPS server with a shared SSL certificate, like cPanel. Here is the solution Create a file named rc in ~/.lftp and add the line: set ssl:verify-certificate no connect to FTPS server using lftp command lftp -u user How to install lftp: sudo apt install lftp or yum install lftp … Read more

Retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period

Exim issue most likely due to a corrupt Exim db. Symptom: Bounced emails with the message: “retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period” Solution: For cPanel: cd /var/spool/exim/db rm -f retry retry.lockfile rm -f wait-remote_smtp wait-remote_smtp.lockfile service exim restart For Linux: /usr/sbin/exim_tidydb -t 1d /var/spool/exim retry > /dev/null /usr/sbin/exim_tidydb -t … Read more

Mirror offline HTML website with WGET

This is an example how to convert a website in STATIC HTML: wget –mirror –convert-links –adjust-extension –page-requisites –no-parent –mirror – Makes (among other things) the download recursive. –convert-links – convert all the links (also to stuff like CSS stylesheets) to relative, so it will be suitable for offline viewing. –adjust-extension – Adds suitable extensions … Read more

Autostart Virtualbox Machine

Edit the config file nano /etc/default/virtualbox Add the lines: VBOXAUTOSTART_DB=/etc/vboxVBOXAUTOSTART_CONFIG=/etc/vbox/autostart.cfg Fix permissions: chgrp vboxusers /etc/vboxchmod 1775 /etc/vbox Start and enable the service: systemctl start vboxautostart-servicesystemctl enable vboxautostart-service