WHM / cPanel List IP’s Cheatsheet

List all IP’s, via API whmapi1 listips Count IP’s, including main IP whmapi1 listips | grep public_ip | wc -l List all IP’s, including main IP whmapi1 listips | grep public_ip | awk ‘{print $2}’ List all IP’s from /etc/ips (this doesn’t include the main IP) cat /etc/ips List dedicated IP / domain association cat … Read more

WAMP vhosts and SSL cheat docs

I call them cheat docs, as there is a collection of external docs that help achieve the goal: How to setup vhosts in WAMP (port 80) and how to setup SSL , with vhosts on WAMP (port 443) Setup VHOSTS on WAMP guide:https://john-dugan.com/wamp-vhost-setup/ Install OpenSSL on Windows guide:https://tecadmin.net/install-openssl-on-windows/ Enable SSL on WAMP guide:https://bobcares.com/blog/enable-ssl-in-wamp-server/ Export OPENSSL … Read more

Update cPanel database cache

In order to manually clear the database usage cache you can use the following command: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update_db_cache

JetBackup CLI Cheatsheet

List Orphan Accounts jetapi backup -F listAccountsOrphans | grep username: | awk {print’$2′} List available Full Backups (127): jetapi backup -F listBackups -D “type=127” Add to Restore Queue the backup with _id=608238380ce407186963cc9a jetapi backup -F addQueueRestore -D _id=608238380ce407186963cc9a

Merge the content of multiple .htaccess files in one

The script will search the current directory for all htaccess files and will combine in a single text file. find . -name ‘.htaccess’ -exec echo “### START Imported from”.{}.”###” \; -exec cat {} \; -exec echo “#### END Imported from “.{}.”###” \; -exec echo”” \; >> all-htaccess.txt

The Right Way of Updating The cPanel Hostname

There are 2 ways to update the cPanel hostname corectly, via WHM, and via the Hostname utility. In both cases, the hostname should be a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and need to resolve in DNS (have an A record present). For mail deliverability reasons, the PTR record of the main cPanel IP should match … Read more

Enable / Disable Terminal UI cPanel

Command line script to disable the web ui touch /var/cpanel/disable_whm_terminal_ui Command line script to enable the web ui rm -f /var/cpanel/disable_whm_terminal_ui

Verify and sync the cPanel license

Website to verify the cPanel license https://verify.cpanel.net/app/verify Script to force sync the cPanel license inside the server: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt –force

List all cPanel domains

This command will list all cPanel domain names, using WHM whmapi1 listzones command: whmapi1 listzones | grep domain: | awk {‘print $2’} 2. This command will list all cPanel domain names and their corresponding cPanel account cat /etc/domainusers 3. This is the command to find the cPanel account that owns a domain name: /scripts/whoowns exampledomain.com

cURL error 28 in WordPress

This is a collection of resources related to this error: Samuel Aguilera article: cURL error 28 in WordPress https://www.samuelaguilera.com/post/curl-error-28-wordpress Bobcares article: