Reduce raster effect from old photo

This is a internal recipe, not a tutorial. Scan at 9600 dpi (to enlarge a small photo) Rotate the photo with 180 degree and scan again. Place the second scan in another layer in Photoshop. Rotate the second layer with 180 degree. Use align layers function with 50% opacity of the top layer. Flatten the … Read more

Free Online Photo and Image Editor – IMAGEBOT

We are often use online editors, like webmail as an email editor, Google Docs as Office suite replacement for simple Word and Excel documents. Even photo manipulation web tools are popular. Recently I found out that the first free vector art library OpenClipart is using a online web editor to edit their .svg files. Even … Read more

Quick print high resolution coloring page using Illustrator

You have a Mac, Illustrator and some kids. You need to print quickly few coloring pages for them. The only problem is that most of images are low res. With newest versions of Illustrator  we can easily convert any bitmap image in a vector image, using Live  Trace 3 easy steps: Search in Google Images … Read more