Quick print high resolution coloring page using Illustrator

You have a Mac, Illustrator and some kids. You need to print quickly few coloring pages for them. The only problem is that most of images are low res. With newest versions of Illustrator  we can easily convert any bitmap image in a vector image, using Live  Trace

3 easy steps:

  1. Search in Google Images the word “coloring” and image type “Line drawing”
  2. Download the image that you wish to print. Usually the coloring websites allow to use the image for personal printing purposes.
  3. Create a new letter CMYK document in Illustrator.
  4. Place the image in Illustrator
  5. Click on image. On a top you will see Live Trace button
  6. And now, the secret, for Line drawing images, with Inked Drawing Live Trace preset You can have one of the best results. So use the drop down of Live Trace Tool and select Inked Drawing preset.
  7. All done. You can now print on letter paper with your home printer.

You have also the screenshots: