In more than 5 years of existence, this website was constantly upgraded as back-end software (WordPress) and as a content. Subsequently updates of WordPress engine left some bugs in the admin area over the time. Even after I erased full website, except the content and database, I was unable to make it work properly the visual editor.

Given that 70% of posts are in Romanian and most of them obsolete, I do not want to have headaches with restoring backup and cleaning obsolete posts.

I will try in the future to re post the most interesting ones from archive.

You can have as a reference the archive.org webpage:


Here You can find snapshots of the past 5 years.

Because I’m not living anymore in Romania, 99% of the content will be published in English or French.

The mission of this website will be the same: to share the knowledge in a simple way: offering tips, tricks and how-to.

Almost all recipes are personally tested, but this is not a guarantee that will work in Your particular case.


I recovered 90% of the old website.

It will be available at http://archives.tipit.info/